Our team + your team = the best team for installations, upgrades, and software implementation.

The US vending industry processes $20B in revenues annually; however, due to the high relative cost of operating machines and inefficiencies in traditional operations, the 10,000 or so vending operators in the country share only $500MM worth of profits — a dismal 2.5%. Deploying technology from Vagabond and its partners, along with advanced methodologies enabled by the technology, can return up to 20% profit margins. Benefits include accurate inventory management, efficient truck routing, dynamic merchandising, route scheduling and cash accountability. 

Despite the benefits that can be derived from deploying technology onto vending machines, only about 20% of the industry’s machines are connected. Cashless gear needs to be installed, machines need to be upgraded to accept that gear, VMS software must be integrated, and teams must be trained to use it all effectively. This is expensive and difficult. Operators rarely have the capacity or the capability to do so efficiently.

Vagabond's project teams, in conjunction with our One Rate financing programs, partner with business owners to bring their operation up to par in months.


Industry-leading technology and operations experts work extensively with operators to understand the intricacies of your business to customize and implement best practices.


Hardware engineers work with a network of industry suppliers to procure the best equipment with which to upgrade the machines.

Project Management

Account Managers organize all aspects of the project including suppliers, technicians and the operator team.


Technicians outfit the operator's assets with the right technology, parts and gear to ensure top performance.


Software and operations consultants systematically manage the process of asset discovery, data collection, user onboarding, and process integration, to ensure the technology works for the operator, not the other way around.

Training & Support

Vagabond’s Member Relationship Team trains everyone on the operator team and are in constant support as you run your newly efficient business.

Financial Administration

Vagabond’s accounting team collects all funds generated from deployed cashless devices, reconciles it with cashless processors, disperses monthly payments back to service providers, and then returns remaining revenues to the operator.