Claim Your Territory

vīv Supplies is underway and operators across the country are taking advantage of the vīv platform to sell office, breakroom & cleaning supplies in their regions. Vagabond Members get first rights to claim a vīv Supplies territory so let’s keep it in the family!

Vagabond pledges $500 of marketing assistance and 3 months of free shipping* to any Vagabond Member willing to grow its business with Supplies. Please act on this invitation now. Grab your land by following these four simple steps.

These steps will secure your place as the Preferred Partner in your service area. Preferred Partners will be called upon to fulfill every order that comes from the region — whether or not you generate it. Anything we can generate on your behalf becomes a lead from which you can cultivate additional orders and to which you may promote other services your company provides.

1.  Download vīv, create a profile, and open the vīv Supplies tile.

2.  Place an order of $150 or more. It can be for your warehouse, home office, or gifts for your accounts.

Seriously, everyone needs toilet paper.

3.  Schedule a 1-on-1 call with a vīv Supplies expert to discuss and secure your regional service area and specifics to the service you will provide in your area.

Contact your account manager (or reach us at info@vgbnd.co; 202.695.8228 x2) for details.