Achieve Exclusivity

Generate enough business and gain exclusivity in your service area.

dominate your market.

Most small-to-medium sized companies will purchase $250-$500 of supplies every month for their office, breakroom or janitorial closets. Many offices will order $1,000 per month or more. Are there 50-80 of these businesses — offices, warehouses, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc — in your area that purchase supplies? You bet there are! Sixty-five orders of $250-$1,250 earns you $4,800-7,200 monthly in net revenue.

As a Preferred Partner for vīv Supplies, you have the opportunity to lock-in territory exclusivity by increasing your market presence to $40,000/month. When you get there, you’ll become an Exclusive Partner for vīv Supplies. You’ll be the only outfit selling Supplies through vīv in your area. You’ll also receive truck service and have orders delivered to your warehouse for FREE.

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