National Supplies Program: Introduction

Use vīv to easily Add a Large recurring revenue Source to your existing routes — add up to $180/account/month.

vīv, the payments platform for workplace communities, makes it possible for anyone to sell specific things to specific people in specific places. It enables mobile cashless at vending machines and markets, delivery from and order-ahead at cafes and restaurants — in this case, we’re talking about office supplies.

You can use your existing business, trucks, drivers, and warehouse to sell and deliver high-value supplies to the workplaces in or nearby the buildings you’re already visiting. Vagabond has worked for the past 18 months to create a nationwide network of 100 distribution centers from which we are able to fulfill supplies directly to your warehouse.

We have created a co-op buying network so our members are able to sell 69,000 different products that are used on a daily basis in offices, schools, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants and everywhere in between. Because we are a family of nearly 300 route operators, we are able to buy at wholesale rates. This means that you can compete with the big box stores on price and then kill ‘em with service.

  • Office and Desk Supplies

  • Janitorial and Bathroom

  • Coffee, Tea and Water

  • Ink and Toner

  • Breakroom and Food Service

  • First Aid and Safety

  • Technology and Furniture

With your vīv Supplies tile, you can meet or beat prices your customers are getting at Amazon Prime Business, Office Depot or Staples — even if they are used to contract pricing — while still keeping 12-18% margins for yourself. That means that on a single $1,000 vīv Supplies order, you’ll yield $120-$180 of net profits (we handle the COGS). If your customers participate in more aggressive pricing contracts, you can elect to change pricing for some of the items available in their vīv Supplies tile (more on this later).

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