Land a Big Fish

most accounts will Just use your regional tile. larger accounts will require we fight to win their business.

we’re ready to help you with that.

Default Pricing — vīv's template pricing matches the lowest available at Amazon Prime Business, Staples and Office Depot business. We keep this current on at least a monthly basis.

Price Matching — Many accounts of a certain size will have some sort of supplier that has targeted them for certain products -- ones that their particular group thinks are important. We need to fight on those specifically so we can win. We price match them, bring them to the top of their account-specific tile, which only they can access from their campus/building. We call these price-matched products leaders. Even though the first order is often full of leaders, which may carry a smaller margin because we fought for them, the orders over time will include many more products, which is where we can all make good margins. In many cases, our default price is already lower than what they're already getting, so price matching is not as punishing to margins as it may seem. In order to price match, we need the account to send in some invoices from their previous orders. They should have no problem sending it to you because they want the best pricing possible.

Account-specific tile — We will build these accounts an account-specific tile, which they can access from their building or campus. We will place their leaders directly at the top and change any account-specific settings to apply specifically to that account. This generally takes about 1 business day. The account-specific tile is important because a) it ensures we are competitive on their leaders, b) it makes it clear that they're getting special treatment, c) each tile can come with different variables (sales tax, service fee, geographic radius, minimum cart values), and d) to prevent other users in the area from getting lower pricing on a particular account's leaders.

Fulfilling Orders

we partner with you to fulfill orders asap, matching the big online retailers with speed and beating them on service.

Once an order is placed, the person making the order gets a receipt (left below), and the operator gets a ticket (right below). Each box of goods will be individually labeled for the end consumer.

There are three options for getting the product to you (the operator). If one of our Distribution Centers is in or near your service area, you will pick up the product at will call. If not, we can drop ship it to you. Once you’ve earned exclusivity, we will be able to provide truck service.

Will Call — If one of our Distribution Centers is nearby your service area, you can pick up your product the same day as it’s ordered as long as the order is placed before 2pm local time. We will have it prepared for you and ready to go. There is no cost for will call service.

Drop Ship — If there is no Distribution Center nearby your service area and until you earn exclusivity, we can drop ship your goods to your warehouse. Vagabond will cover any drop ship charges for the first 90 days. After that, should you choose to continue to use drop ship, shipping fees will apply. You can pass these along to your customer if you wish.

Truck Service — Once you’ve achieved exclusivity, we will be able to provide truck service. A truck will show up to your warehouse as needed with all your goods ready to go. There is no charge for truck service.