$10/month for Cashless, Hardware, Telemetry & VMS!

no stored value

no hardware purchase

touchless vending™ consumer experience

flexible payment options

instant cash & cashless data transfer to VMS


AMS and Vagabond have partnered to deliver the AMS Touchless, the world's first truly touchless vending™ machine. Take advantage of the best available technology to deliver consumers an almost magical experience where having to fiddle with bills, coins and credit cards are a thing of the past. Some exciting features include: highly secure tokenized mobile payments, instant inventory views of the machine, remote pricing and product changes, product nutritional information, patented Sensit® guaranteed delivery system, and the ability to pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and all major credit and debit cards.

vīv is big news! On Fox 5 Las Vegas, in a featured unattended retail segment from NAMA OneShow 2017, vagabond CRO Juan Jorquera walks through the touchless vending™ experience, the value of e-commerce in real life™ with the ground-breaking vīv app, and how it connects consumers, brands and retailers through a beautiful purchase experience.