vīv Fixturelite Market

Designed for accounts small and large, the vīv Fixturelite Market is an innovative micro market that leverages the power of mobile payment technology.

Until recently, micro markets required significant investment in expensive kiosks, and placement required bustling accounts with a large number of consumers.

No longer! We at Vagabond, in partnership with Fixturelite—America’s leading provider of micro market equipment, fixtures and furniture—are proud to announce the vīv Fixturelite Market.

JUST $2,999 each plus $10/month*

The vīv Fixturelite Market provides a complete micro market solution that fits in the footprint of a glass-front vending machine and can be placed in accounts of any size. It’s easy to set up in under an hour with two people, and comes equipped with a 22-cubic-foot Imbera cooler with TriTeq automatic health lock, LED lighting, and high-quality shelving units.

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* requires reservation and activation of vīv Markets